What are Promotional Items?

Promotional products have often been overlooked when businesses develop their marketing campaigns. While some think of them only as gadgets, gizmos, novelties, trinkets or give-aways; savvy marketers realize the impact promotions have in reaching a specific target audience. This industry, which includes over 200,000 different products, is one of the most important and respected parts of the integrated marketing communications mix.

Because promotional products are tangible and useful to the recipient, they are kept long after other elements of a campaign may have been forgotten.


  • Wide variety of items to choose from
  • Highest return on investment
  • Industry specific items
  • Extremely high perceive value
  • Brand recognition
  • Not-traditional marketing
Your company's promotional items can serve as powerful marketing tools to boost brand awareness and improve your business's reputation. Choosing promotional methods that fit the way your company is represented can bring more attention to your business and build a following of interested consumers.

Promotional products are tangible advertising items that your customers will use time and time again.


  • Increased brand recognition
  • Mass outreach at a low cost
  • Alternative business card
  • Market specific items
  • Powerful marketing platform
Promotional Products are a great tool to showcase your brand. These items are affordable and they can increase your exposure to the world; thus bringing you more clients. There are a lot of advantages to utilizing promotional items with your company name, logo and contact information on them. promotional products.

Promotional items have an effective impact due to the nature of the presentation


  • Drinkware
  • Writing Instruments
  • Keychains
  • Tote Bags
  • Lanyards
  • Pet care
  • Tradeshow booths
There are over 650,000 promotional items to choose from, however, not all are beneficial to your business and will work effectively. The true potential of promotional items shines most, when paired up with overall brand message and re-enforced marketing tools. Incorporating promotional items in your marketing plan will create long lasting brand awareness.

Using these products will help provide your company with a unique, creative flair that other companies are not using.


  • Faster turnaround than other imprint methods
  • Tested to have long lasting usability on recommended garments
  • Lowest cost of all imprint methods on a high volume scale
  • Largest imprint area than any other garment imprint media
  • High artwork details can be achieved

Raise More Funds

A fundraising item can be something as simple as a t-shirt; usually the promo items are simple, and useful. Buying a fundraising promotional product should be as easy as buying a hamburger or a soft drink.

Reinforce Your Message

Your brand is what you are really selling to your customers, not just a product or service for which there may already be many existing providers. A great promotional item can make any business stand out from the crowd, particularly in competitive markets.

Feel Good Products

Promotional items are "feel good" items. No other marketing product can produce the tangible human memory, feeling and or sense that a promotional item brings to the table. Statistics show that people who received a promotional item are twice more likely to recall the company associated with that item.