What are Banners?

Give your business a boost with full-color custom banner printing. Using the latest in digital printing technology, Red Eye Media brings you an eye-catching opportunity to grab people’s attention at grand openings, fundraisers, anniversary celebrations and more. From concept to creation, we want to help you reach a wider audience with ease.
Banners are versatile in usage and can be used for featuring sponsorships, temporary business signage, wall mural decor, tradeshow booth backdrops and many other uses. Featuring a fully customizable design and message of your choosing, you can use banners to really draw the attention you need.


  • 13 oz. outdoor vinyl
  • Vibrant, rich color
  • High resolution, photographic quality images
  • 24hr - 72hr production
  • 5 year rated eco-solvent ink
  • Punched metal grommets for hanging
  • Billboard size print format
Vinyl Banners are one of the most diverse marketing mediums available. Its use varies from project to project and this is what makes a banner a great tool for your marketing arsenal.

A great feature of digital vinyl banners is that unlike other wholesale custom printed mediums, each banner does not need to have same graphic or logo.

Digital vinyl banners are by far the most widely used tool when trying to get your message out to a group of people within an event.


  • Low cost medium
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean/store
  • High visibility
  • Greatest ROI
Dollar for dollar, digital vinyl banners are the most cost effective tool with the greatest return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Banners allow your message, logo or information to be visible from a distance while keeping a professional look and feel.

Due to their outdoor durability; digital vinyl banners are the preferred marketing method for all types of events.


  • Sponsorship Banners
  • Business Signage
  • Events Promotion
  • Tradeshow Backdrops
  • Step & Repeat
  • Wall Mural
  • Billboard
Vinyl banner sign are ideal for outdoor use since it is designed to withstand significant winds and other outdoor elements. We have custom sizes and designs for banners ranging from standard size to larger sizes for maximum exposure.

The ultimate result is an effective way to get your message out and boost your sales.

We use top-quality equipment capable of transferring full-color digital images to your vinyl banner.


  • Best visibility than other methods
  • Durable material and easy to clean
  • Greatest return on investment
  • Vivid colors and high resolution capabilities
  • Unlimited amount of application options

Multiple Use

Take advantage of the visual appeal and durability of vinyl banners to advertise your company to pedestrian and car traffic.Vinyl banners can point out your business location in a striking way. You may consider placing vinyl banners in a nearby area of high foot traffic to advertise your company’s products and services.

Outdoor/Indoor Use

Whether the vinyl banner is being displayed inside the company, at a trade show or on the street, the goal is a banner that remains as easy to read on the first day it is used as the last. Vinyl banners are long-lasting and durable.

Great Visibility

Vinyl banners can be hung in a number of different ways and are equally effective both indoors and outdoors. Stormy weather won’t affect your vinyl banners. Create a striking display that draws people to your banner because it is visible from a distance.